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――Tell us about your take of the future of the game industry..

Nishino:There is a problem with the platforms .. I feel confused that games like Wii Fit sell.. They aren't games.. I did make some casual titles too.. But really.. Wii Fit and Wii Sports should be the gateway for the nongamers.. But ultimately they should play proper games like Valkyria Chronicles

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西野氏:まずゲームハードがどうなるかという問題があります。『Wii Fit』を見ていると、もうゲームじゃないですから。ああいったタイプのソフトがトップセールスになることに複雑な気持ちはあります。私自身もカジュアルなタイ トルを作ったりしていますが、カジュアルユーザーをメインストリームのゲームに向けさせるための材料になればと思ってます。やっぱり最後は『戦場のヴァルキュリ ア』のようなゲームらしいゲームをやってもらいたいという気持ちはありますね。

--Finally, please tell us your thoughts about the gaming industry; present and future.

Nishino: First off, there's the issue of what is happening with game hardware. Looking at "Wii Fit", that isn't in the realm of games anymore. I have mixed feelings when these types of titles end up being top sellers. I used to develop casual titles and would like to see said titles to be a catalyst for converting casual gamers to mainstream gamers. In the end, though, I would really like to see casual gamers try titles games which can be classified as games, such as "Valkyria Chroniles".