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Just look at the pattern.

Prior to Q3/Q4 2013, Take-Two were happy to piss away money on projects taking fucking forever to get finished, and quite content for those projects to get scrapped and rebuilt as many times as it took. BioShock was penned one way, scrapped and rewritten and build as something else. XCOM went from a BioShock-like first person shooter to a squad based third person shooter. Infinite went through god knows how many iterations over six to seven years. Mafia II took forever and despite knowing Mafia III exists we haven't seen/heard anything for three years.

Take-Two has had to dance around shareholders as to why money keeps disappearing down development sinkholes and why they only ever seem to turn serious profit when Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption is part of the fiscal report. How many times can you tell shareholders "No, next year we'll make profit! We promise!", and just have the same thing happen all over again.

I mention Q3/Q4 because here's what's happened since:
* 2K Marin/Australia mass layoffs and leftover staff dissolved. This studio was responsible for the aforementioned XCOM.
* 2K Czech apparently having lost development control of whatever state Mafia III is in, the game now at a different 2K studio. Rumour, but probably true.
* Irrational Games effectively closed sans Ken Levine and 15 people who'll move on high return-of-investment digital games. Responsible for a ~7 year multi-million dollar game development.

What else does Take-Two have? Max Payne 3 apparently cost a fortune and didn't sell as well as projected. NBA, WWE, and Borderlands are co-owned by their respective studios, so Take-Two doesn't get a full cut. Civilization is probably the only other stand out, that and obviously Grand Theft Auto. Spec Ops bombed.

I can't imagine Take-Two's suits are particularly interested in appearing at another fiscal report full of pissed off shareholders, only able to recycle the same "next year guys!" rhetoric.