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(02-20-2014, 06:33 PM)
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Originally Posted by Nivash

The ugly truth is that the EU simply can't intervene militarily. And I do mean can't rather than don't want to. To put it this way: the EU would have it's hands full if Russia decided to invade us, fighting in our own countries. Attempting to fight Russia in the Ukraine, which is within Russia's strategic sphere, would be straight up suicide. We would not stand a chance. Period. We lack the manpower, we lack the material and we have nothing that comes even close to the logistical capability necessary to operate that far from home. There would be no need for Russia to reach an agreement because they would crush us.

I'm not really an expert on Ukrainian politics so I don't know if a permanent split is realistic or not. But from the looks of it, thanks to the oblast system, it's probably more doable than in most countries. Although you could probably claim the same thing in reagards to the US.

Bull. The British and French combined would be quite a match for the decrepit Russian Armed Forces, a military that is a far cry from its Soviet, Cold War heyday. And throw in the combined might of European NATO alone (minus the US and Canada) you've got a formidable power that is equalled only by the US Armed Forces.