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Pilot, your Titan is ready, prepare for Titanbombs
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Originally Posted by Papercuts

Sorry if I missed it, but anything on burn cards? I saw that imgur album of the 50 cards but I wasn't sure if that was the full game amount or not.

Reddit had a discussion where they had roughly worked them out:

Here are the Burn Cards confirmed and the ones that were missing from that imgur album:

Amped C.A.R.
"It's not all trash on the black market."
Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal C.A.R. SMG.

Amped G2A4
"Grab the rifle, boy. There's something moving in the fields, and it ain't natural."
Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal G2A4 Rifle.

Amped Hemlok
"Applying the Socratic method."
Replace Primary Weapon with a more lethal Hemlok BF-R.

Surplus Satchels
"Take as many as you can carry, the Titans are coming down like rain out there."
Replace Ordnance Weapon with infinite, more lethal Satchels.

Personal Alarm System
"An old friend taught me a special way to set a mine. Be careful, he lives here."
Replace Ordnance Weapon with infinite Arc Mines with a larger blast radius.

Amped Wingman
"I don't trust him, Bish. His sidearm is on a hair trigger."
Replace Sidearm Weapon with a match trigger B3 Wingman.

///// This one is listed as a burn card but I believe it is auto used.
Extra Credit
"In recognition of your recent accomplishments."
You get 1000 XP.