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it was said that jun akiyma(FFT/FF12/VS) being the scenario director could be the saving grace, but i think to reach the heights of FF12 (2/3 of the game), you need a better team. FF15 with the samey FF13 silly made up names and those backstreet j-pop boyz outfit do not inspire confidence.

FFXV's development team IS a better team and almost more importantly their aims with different aspects of XV alone mean XV will likely be tons better even if the execution is just adequate. But everything we've seen of the game seem to point that it will be much more than just adequately made game, so we should be in for a treat. Just because the character's names are a bit unconventional doesn't mean anything about the quality of the story and even less about the overall game. And the charcter designs are really good. The CG group portrait looks a bit boy bandy, but meh, that's just one art piece. In-game the characters look pretty good.

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FF12 was really good for 2/3 the way, and once people like matsuno got sidelined, you can tell how the story fell apart and everything was rushed through. FFT and Vagrant Story were consistent through the end.

FFXII was becoming too big for its own good. Matsuno couldn't control the scope of the game, probably got depressed/overworked/had a burnout and got sick, left the project & SQEX and the team was left to try to finish the project somehow. I mean, FFXII would have been better if Matsuno hadn't left the project and could have finished it, but on the other hand there's no telling how long it would have taken from Matsuno to finish the project. He seems to be better with managing smaller projects.

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Call me too optimistic, but I actually think that it's late 2014 for JP and early 2015 for US/EU :D
Or at least I hope so :(

Late 2014 is a bit too optimistic, though not impossible if Square Enix pulls a XIV-ish thing with XV and puts everyone and their mothers working on finishing the game for a few months.

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XV will probably be released in late 2015 for JP and early 2016 for US. Count on it.

I've said it before, but you're almost 100% likely wrong. Unless they run into some huge-ass problems with the development, there's no way it will still take two years for FFXV to come out. That would mean that SQEX Japan would basically release no internally developed games between now and then, other than maybe an XIV expansion. And that's just not happening. No publisher as big as Square Enix can live two years without big games while still paying for all their employees (unless they hit a Puzzle & Dragons like jackpot with their mobile endeavours, which they can't rely on to happen), not even when they own Eidos. With FFXIII & XIV, they at least had a pretty sizable handheld audience to cater to, but with the ever-rising budgets & requirements of more powerful handhelds, even that is significantly less risk-free than before, leading to fewer handheld releases.

And the release is likely to be (almost) simultaneous. SQEX has been aiming for as close releases between regions as possible with at least bigger releases (less so with games like Bravely Default they aren't sure they are even localizing). The only reason that didn't happen with the XIII trilogy is probably because they were in such a rush to get the games out in Japan for their end of year releases that finishing localization for other regions wasn't a priority.

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Doing pre-production for the XV's sequels is infinitely more likely than doing pre-production for XVI. Also, it's easier to do pre-production for the former than the latter as well.

They didn't start with XIII-2 & Lightning Return's development until they were at least close to finishing the games preceeding them. Maybe they had some of the creative team free to move on to their next project do some preliminary work, but with the way Toriyama & Kitase were participating in the marketing of XIII-2 & LR, travelling around the world constantly, I doubt they had too much time to think about the sequels while the predecessor was still being made. And Nomura is very much in the same situation. He's way too busy with XV AND Kingdom Hearts III to be thinking of or working on sequels too actively.

I mean, the most they might do for XV-2 before XV is released is plan for the story of XV-2 (how it could continue after how XV ends) and move some creative folk to start coming up with new stuff (if they aren't needed on other projects at that time) as they don't need some character designers, environmental designers and other creative type workers as they are finishing the game. But the team making XV would likely be the team making XV-2, so I repeat, absolutely no work is being done on FFXV-2 at this moment. They'll start that project after XV ships, just like Naughty Dog doesn't start developing or even pre-production of the next Uncharted before they've shipped the one, even if they know they are going to make a sequel. But while they can't work on XV-2 too much before XV ships, they CAN and HAVE TO work on other projects that they WILL have to release in between XV & XV-2. That space can't just be empty of releases. With the way Square Enix releases XIII sequels after XIV and develops FFVII sequels/spin-offs/prequels when they have already released X and are working on XII & XIII, I don't think they'd give a shit about releasing an XVI in between XV & XV-2.

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this is wildly optimistic ,and if its true we are in for an amazing generation.

That kind of schedule could have been perfectly possible for SQEX last generation had they not screwed up with Crystal Tools at the beginning of the generation and with both XIII & XIV later on. I mean, even WITH those problems and even WITH them releasing their first FF of the generation 4+ years into the generation, they still managed to push out two sequels to FFXIII, make XIV twice and develop Type-0. Now imagine if those problems are (hopefully) mostly gone with the much more efficient development tools with Luminous Studios and don't have any screw ups of the scope of XIV + they start the generation only about a year into the generation... It's really not impossible to get XV and one or two sequels (that recycle some assets, tech, game mechanics etc.), another mainline FF and a new MMO within the next 6 or so years.