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(02-26-2014, 12:54 PM)
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Earlier today, the PSN Competition site included this little box there on the right:

which was removed as of now but you can still see it on the cached site:

The link redirects to

Thanks to TuCk3R0 on Twitter:

This can be found in the source code of the cached main PS4 site ( )


<a href="?rel=0" data-wt-event="Media Gallery - video - Watch_Dogs is on its way..." data-wt-redirect="false" class="clearfix lb_youtube"  rel="media-item">
	<div class="button video">&nbsp;</div>
	<img src="/mqdefault.jpg" alt="Watch_Dogs is on its way..." />
		<div class="hover ">
			<div class="tab">Watch_Dogs is on its way...</div>
				<div class="tab-content">
						Find out the release date in this new trailer.