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(03-28-2008, 04:29 PM)
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Hudson unveil some of their Japanese Wiiware line-up

-Star Soldier R (Already out)


-Bomberman (June) [up to 8 players Wifi]

-Blue Oasis : Sakana no Iyashi Kuuken(2008) [aka Hudfishes. Will apparently use the Wifi Connection]

-Tetris (July) [With online battles, etc]

-Alien Crush ( August) [yes, it's a sequel. There will be online learderboards]

Including these, they have more than 10 Wiiware titles in development in total. Also, it seems like the Bomberman game that's been revealed not so long ago IS indeed a Wiiware game and not a retail one. [EDIT] Well, seems like this isn't the case after all. Explanation here.

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