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So whoever's gotten the game early and been uploading these screenshots, has he stated at all if the game really does look as good playing it as all these grabs would suggest?

There always feels like there's a catch involved. Like it's too good to be true.

WordsintheWater has the game and he/she has this to say:

Originally Posted by WordsintheWater

In my opinion, it's great and I never was that high up on the inFamous games. I enjoyed them, but I felt like something was always lacking, this game addresses all my concerns I used to have. Controlling Delsin is great, graphics look amazing, cutscenes and acting are top notch by video game standards, gameplay wise it's a blast. It's just fun fighting things in this game and I am still on smoke powers only, the more abilities you unlock the more fun the game becomes, you start using more diverse ways to take enemies down.