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DMC1 to DMC3 (there was never a DMC2, strange thing Capcom did) was a pretty huge change gameplay wise. DMC3 to DMC4 wasnt that big for Dante, but Nero played totally different. GoW 1 played different than 2, but CoP is just like 2, still all three are fairly close.

and Sigma had Rachel, so if you want variety in play style in a NG game. New weapons also change it up slightly im sure.

Only thing they could have done to really change it up is introduce Ryu's shitty friends as extra playable characters. Ayane or whatever the purple haired chick goes by or the girl from the DS game who was lame could be the "quick character", Ryu could be the "balanced" character, then some fat american guy named Bob...wait, wrong series...well someone could be the heavy guy.

but that would suck. I never expected Ninja Gaiden 2 to be anymore than Ninja Gaiden 1.

True, nero and DMC3 as a whole are pretty different from 1.

:lol @ ryu's shitty friends. I'm really not too fond of Rachel's missions. The whole second character thing is rough--if they're too good, you want to play the whole game as them. DMC4 gets a pass for having the Bloody Palace (though people still complained.)

If there's one thing I'd add, it'd be a 2 player campaign. NG3 (or Ninja Gaiden 2: White or Alpha or whatever) needs a whole 2 player mode, balanced like single-player for twice the frustration. Ayane or Hayate would work nice in the second spot.