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(03-18-2014, 07:12 AM)
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XB1 sales so far are fine. If they keep at this trajectory they will make money off of games and services.

The worry is, and I think it's legitimate, that it's hard to imagine the trajectory holding. They are only out in 13 territories but there's a reason they don't give a shit about tier 2 or tier 3, they aren't going to sell a lot there. The machine was designed for the US first, western EU second. They are behind in both. That is reason for concern.

I'm not ready to jump on the XB1 is doomed train yet. Titanfall, or really any game, can turn the fortunes, but as of now - yes, good start but valid concerns. The PS4 is above and beyond all projections and publishers are re-calibrating to this. I heard that activision is going to make a public announcement about COD changing to the PS4 as lead platform. I have no idea if this means DLC (I assume MS locked that down for multiple years) but COD was a XBOX 360 game that happened to be on the ps3 last gen. That will be a hugely symbolic move... and don't discount what that means to the masses.

Also, don't sleep on inFamous. It will be very, very, close to Titanfall XB1 this month. Sony is also doing far more digital sales than MS so far (which is a weird switch from the middle of last gen).