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Originally Posted by [Nintex]

I think that SEGA has a real life troll or something...

Someone who enters the Sonic Team office and demands that the game sucks or has some idiotic gameplay or story element.

"Wow guys, this game rocks but you should put in the character that I made: Big the Cat!"

"Woah, this is amazing, but you shouldn't be able to see the emeralds that would rock!"

"Yeah, great job guys, really but you should be able to play with more characters at once and stop every 3 yards!"

"Just like Sonic Adventure, but... seriously remove Sonic he's only cool for twelve year olds and don't forget to give shadow a gun, kids love guns these days..."

"How about we release the beta instead of the full game?"

"Simply stunning, you really outdid yourself but how about we add an level-up system, so Sonic starts out gimped can't do anything and gets more awesome later on!"

"HOLY SHIT... I didn't think you were still capable of making such great games... You know what would really be awesome? A wolf, Sonic should turn into a wolf yeah... so awesome."

It's the only logical explanation for the Sonic Team fuck ups.

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