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(04-02-2014, 10:31 AM)
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Ok guys, I have to say some things to bring clarity to this topic!

First of all, the gameplay IS NOT PC, it is PS4. This is no rumor or my opinion, I absolutely know it for sure!

Secondly, it looks quite good for PS4 Footage :)

You can absolutely trust me about it. Since Iīm the game journalist they talk about in WatchDogs Q&A:

Also, we should speak more about the gameplay, which is the most imporant part and really "next-gen-gameplay"!
All the talks about Watch Dogs graphics are just complete bullshit, because itīs always like:

"Booooh, PS4-gameplay looks worse than high-end-PC gameplay!!!"

...oooh, what a suprise it is :P

I played the PS4-version for over 4,5 hours now and I can tell you, itīs very nice, the graphics are good and the gameplay is awesome.
Iīm absolutely sure the PC Watchdogs will look terrific and really better than the E3 2012 demo. So letīs talk more about the gameplay and wait for the new official PC-gameplay!