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(04-07-2014, 02:32 PM)
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Originally Posted by YianGaruga

Found on the internet. Might be real, might be fake

Those settings look very real. And almost exactly what I expected. Well, actually I didn't expect "Model Quality" and "Water Surface Quality". Also nice to see a shadow quality setting, I never quite managed to improve shadow quality in DS (unlike Deadly Premonition where I manged to do that).

Well done From (if true). I'd have liked more SSAO control than "on" and "off", and higher quality AA options, but those aren't generally that hard to fix.

Originally Posted by ricochetguro

The texture quality's high will be probably be console level and every lower setting will be for ultrabooks and other terribly speced computers.

I consider that unlikely. They explicitly mentioned higher quality textures, and that's one thing which is easy to keep around during development while you run out of memory on consoles.