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(04-16-2008, 12:06 PM)
Getting OPM scans now, will post any new info.

'Press O to try your luck press X to say goodnight' :lol
'Features a working subway, you can even run down the tunnels dodging the trains'
Comedy club spoiler: discover a household name performing on stage
Main story missions: About 40 hours.
'If you're looking for a single feature that makes GTA IV special, it's the phone'
Controller vibration mimics phone vibration.
You can ring anyone at any time, though they won't always be in.
A few days after I killed one of Niko's bosses I called his number to see what would happen and found an answer machine message form his grieving wife.
You can jump back to the start of failed missions by just hitting 'Yes'.

On the controls:
'Anyone who has played Uncharted will feel at home immediately.'
You can blind fire with any weapon except the sniper'

What you do in GTA IV:
5% - Pinwheeling through the air after flying off a speeding bike
20% - Flicking between The Journey, Integrity 2.0 and Radio Broker.
33% - Weeping tears of relief that the combat system really does work.
3% - Debating which of the three levels of service to pay the hooker for. Going Deluxe.
18% - Waiting to steal a Turismo because you won't be seen in anything less.
21% Making excuses over gunfire why you can't go bowling right now.