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In every age, in every place,
the deeds of men remain
the same
(04-18-2014, 11:38 AM)
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[Engage Planet Kiss Dum] 1 - 14

This is a story about Shoe Aiba. He has red hair and wears a cool red jacket, but not like, all the time.

He's got a bunch of nakama who fight these weird giant monster people, and bugs as well. Some of this nakama even look like sonic the hedghog, but with more NTR possibilities.There's also a megane with long hair who he likes.

Anyway, one day they totally fuck and everything goes to shit. It was really dark, which was surprising, because I thought it would be one of the fun anime. Anyway, then like, it's all okay, because he becomes the NECRODIVER.

The NECRODIVER is totally cool because you really get to show off your abs a lot of the time and fuck up bad guys. He's really strong and really cool.

Anyway, another part of being the NECRODIVER means you get like, these goddesses protecting you and serving as your weapons so thats sweet. But they're like, not a harem because they're all tsundairyes.

Unfortunately, after the apocalypse Shoe ends up roaming around with these two girls with short hair and they really suck. All they do is get in his way and tie him down when he could doing cool shit. They keep getting captured and falling off stuff so I think they're gonna die but then they aren't dead and it makes me sad.

Anyway there's also like, a twintails girl in the show and she's like a witch or something? I don't know. She spends a lot of time in the post-apocalypse sunbathing naked and drinking wine in swimming pools.

Anyway this is a cool show with cool music and lots of action so I'd recommend it to be people who just want a cool action show.