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(04-22-2014, 12:03 PM)
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Originally Posted by StuBurns

Codemasters is in Southam isn't it?


@Hasney - Demo Derby is in from the start for AUtosport.

Regarding next-gen, ultimately it comes down to a few things.

The first is that we genuinely want our first next gen outing to be something really great, we don't want to have to rush and only put out a handful of tracks. We've got 22 locations in Autosport, the bulk of those are real world circuits, would all those have made it if we were to support next gen? Doubtful.

Secondly, we're working our tech for next-gen now, as such, we're not quite ready. Again, we don't want to rush :)

Thirdly, after GRID 2 we sort of had something to prove, we wanted to leave the 'old gen' with a bit of a bang so to speak.