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From the article:

On a basic messaging level, consider the fact that every indie publishing to Wii U from Unity can do so without cost. The license fee is waived. That's great! But how did we find out about it? Nintendo never announced it properly. It was soft-announced through indie developer Brian Provinciano, who simply wanted people to know. Nintendo couldn't even announce its own best selling point for indies. That its secretive policies go so deep is a big problem.


Here's the tweet from Brian on Jun 27, 2013 that got picked up by several news sites who wrote stories about it (the "soft-announcement").

FUN FACT: Every developer on Wii U gets a free Unity license and can self-publish, thus keeping all revenue & no pitching, no negotiation.

Here's a Gamasutra interview with Dan Adelman from Mar 25, 2013 where he mentions the free Unity licenses announced at GDC2013.

We recently announced that we're providing Unity Pro 4 for Wii U to licensed developers at no added cost. So if a developer is currently working on a game in Unity and has a Wii U dev kit, it should be super easy to bring that game over to the Wii U console -- and not just do a straight port but also take advantage of any features of the console they want, like motion controls, Miiverse or of course the second-screen GamePad controller. Or vice versa -- making a game for Wii U and then going to other platforms should also be seamless.

Games journalism everyone.