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(04-28-2014, 11:49 PM)
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So about VAC: Yes, you could be banned for using GeDoSaTo.

Personally, I consider that fairly unlikely though. GeDoSaTo makes no changes outside of its own dll, and most significantly it does not alter the game state in any way. I believe VAC is selective enough to know the difference.

But don't blame me if you do get banned - the possibility is not 0.

Originally Posted by Parsnip

Games that I tested that allowed me to select the resolution, but didn't scale the image down so I ended up only seeing the center of 4K image:
Broken Age
Broken Sword 3

Interesting, I'll have to have a look at one of these some time, I never had that error patter so far.

Originally Posted by Parsnip

Has anyone managed to get any Unity engine games working? I tried Ittle Dew and Erica Reed, Ittle Dew didn't get past the unity launcher, Erica Reed got in the game, played the intro video and then crapped out.

M&M X is Unity and works.