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(05-07-2008, 11:57 AM)
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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon does not have a purchase option.

Kinda weird...especially since a 1st party title...

Also: it has a purchase button for High School musical!

QUICK! Press it before its sold out! :lol

EDIT: Another mistake I found is that Blast Works has a release date of May 6th when it was delayed to the 20th..

EDIT2: OMG if you click on the Nintendo Channel profile it has a option to buy it from the Wii Shop Channel!

WTF :lol

EDIT3: wow....if you go to the Wii Shop Channel profile it has a option to purchase it from the Wii Shop Channel....WTF this was so hyped and hardly any posts :lol

Anywayz when I clicked on the "Purchase the shop channel" it said "The software you selected is not available in this country"......