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Once again: Lock if old.

With the game being released on June 6th in Europe, Microsoft Game Studios issued a mail concerning three special outfits coming in July. The designs can be bought for 200 MS points on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace each by then, but select retailers in Europe will hand out limited pre-orders to 39.000 lucky bastards who will receive the first one for free on launch day.

With their pre-order they will receive a code to download it, so if you're a big fan, get to it. Unfortunately the list of the retailers will be made public in the next few weeks, including the other two outfits. The countries participating are the United Kingdom, Italy, The Netherlands, The Nordic countries and France.

The first one is made known today, and it's the Fiend Hayabusa which is based on the falcon. Details below:

"Inspired by the Hayabusa family’s namesake, the falcon, this demonic costume mirrors the intensity of Ryu’s vengeance and fury as he fights to regain the honor of his clan. It’s almost as if he’s been transformed into a Fiend by the evil powers of the underworld with this costume – but retains all the honor of the Hayabusa Ninja Clan."

Starting July 2008, Xbox Live members worldwide will be able to download 3 unique Hayabusa costume packs for 200 MS points each to use in Ninja Gaiden II. Each costume pack is a completely new and never before seen look for our Ninja hero, Ryu Hayabusa.

The first of the 3 costume pack designs is being revealed today. This will be exclusively available in selected countries to 39,000 gamers on launch day as part of pre-sale or launch promotions with specific retail partners. Look for more details on other two designs and specific country promotions to be revealed in the coming weeks. Go to or your favorite retailer to pre-order Ninja Gaiden II today!"

Also, art below: