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Still scheduled for Summer 2014, lol. Nintendo will probably start advertising it two weeks before launch. Get that 50k LTD.

And it seems Koei Tecmo is teasing a new big collaboration. (Google Translate)

Taken from Koei Warriors:

Zelda Musou/Hyrule Warriors will be released this Summer (at least in Japan?). However other than that, KOEI-Tecmo's CEO Erikawa is also hinting that there will be a new large-scale collaboration coming in the latter half of the fiscal year (should be around Oct 2014 - Mar 2015) without giving a glimpse on the title.

This franchise collaboration is also planned to overseas. So far franchises like Gundam and One Piece expanded first in Asia and then to the West, but this time they will be collaborating with an IP originated from the West, though the CEO still refuses to give a hint on the IP.