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Sailor Stevenson
(05-08-2014, 08:22 PM)
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Originally Posted by sjay1994

God damn.... I have never felt so butthurt over a game before.

Insomniac: Here is this fun and bright looking game that is something we have wanted to make for 20 years, and we are not going to put it on the platform family that people have been playing our games .

Instead we are going to put out 2 mediocre ratchet and clank games, a decent one and a bland, lifeless shooter called FUSE.

sorry you feel that way, but know we had to partner with the right group that believed in us and the vision of the game, wanted to see that vision came to life, and was ok with us retaining the rights to our creation.

In all of those regards, Microsoft has been a terrific partner in making Sunset Overdrive reality.