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(05-12-2008, 11:54 PM)
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Thought it would be best to keep everything in the same topic, so here we go:

So the embargo is finally up. Last week a bunch of journalist saw the game at Lionhead in Guildford.

The build we saw was from the 7th of may. The game is content complete and about 5000 bugs from completion.

We were shown the magic system, a major plot point when you are a kid, some adult parts and I got hands on with the co-op part (local only, so far. Online announcement could come soon).

New stuff:

Mini map is dead. Peter hates it. So he made a "bread crump trail". Which is a golden line on the ground that will tell you which direction to go. It works kinda like a GPS system, so it will change if you go another direction, and will guide you in the right direction.

Magic system: You can either do a focused on one person attack, or a ranged attack. You can build up your attack in five levels. These five levels can be combined, so you can have level 1 be a fire spell, and then it builds up and adds level 2, which can be a slow spell, and so on.

There will be 8 different spells in the game.

You can buy every single house in the game. Each house will unlock something new. Either a sidequest, item or a skill

The game is 20-30 times larger then Fable 1.

The weather is completely dynamic, and will change as time progress. There will be different seasons.

Cutscenes are somewhat interactive. You can use the d-pad to do different gestures, and they can change the outcome of conversations. It's not on the scale of Mass Effect, but it can be done so you have some interactivity with the game world.

Peter wanted a sex minigame in there, but they had to drop it, due to the nature of the content. Now the screen just goes black, and your hear some moaning. And yes, you can have unprotected sex.

The female character also came close to being cut. But the female designers on the game wanted her in, so they made it happen.

There is three more Fable games planned. Lionhead is currently working on Fable 2 and a new project. The Black & White studio is no more.

I also had a talk with him, about videogames and that stuff. And he thinks that GTA4 is the absolute benchmark of how you can do story in videogames. And with Fable 2 he wants to make people attached to their character, and especially the dog.

He talked about how he was flirting with a girl, and her husband came by. And the husband became so pissed, he began kicking your dog. And Peter actually felt bad for flirting with the girl. He wants gamers to feel like he did.

Feel free to ask any questions, I'll try to answer as much as I can.

The new pictures: