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(05-14-2014, 05:43 PM)
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From a spanish web preview about PS4 version graphics (google translated):

On the negative side, the truth, almost everything else, has greatly disappointed graphically, not by comparing it to the famous demo from E3 2012, but certain details we were not expecting with an open world game at this point in the new generation.

Things like cars and pedestrians suddenly appearing beside, fog on the horizon hiding elements, especially in tunnels, ugly textures, physics leave much to be desired in vehicles, quite ordinary animations, discrete modeling of cars, facial expressions of the last generation ...

Lest you think we ordered too much, when compared with a recent title of the console and open world, inFamous: Second Son, this hits it a look, games seem almost from different generations. And we also had the opportunity to play the PC version, and the truth, things do not improve too much, is quite similar to what we saw in PS4, only a little better.