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Originally Posted by Aeana

There's a new article at Game Watch about this stuff. I didn't really read through it in-depth, but there's one part that did catch my eye. Wada once again projects DQ9 for this fiscal year. I hope so. :\

There are two interesting details in the article. Wada admits that there was no release date for DQIX last year, and there isn't one now, but they want to release the game within this financial year but... he said the same thing last year. When he realized that he wasn't really answering the question of when the fuck DQIX was coming out he changed the topic and talked about how the DS is a great choice of platform for DQIX and it might sell up to 10 million copies, because since DQIV on the DS selling over a million domestically shows they have a very firm support base.

Later on Wada talks about the 3 billion yen in losses in regard to various development cycles in the company. He goes on to say that it triggered a review in the company and resulted in the termination of a "revolutionary mobile development" the company was working on. He said that he felt that in this time and age, a mobile super project that was so close and similar to a consumer market product (console game) has no place in the industry. Could this mean that FF Agito XIII has been canned?