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y'all should be ashamed
(05-28-2008, 12:14 AM)
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For those wondering about Bioshock PS3 details (not real box art, but cool nonetheless):

-Graphics are the same as the 360; they might possibly notch it up a bit but that's still unknown right now.
-Sixaxis tilt unknown.
-Will be patched with the Plasmid & fixes done for the 360 version right out of the box.
-Team does admit working with Sony to potentially "extend and augment the game", but too early to talk about it.
-Worth rebuying if you're a 360 owner? EGM says probably not, creative director of Bioshock says "whatever we end up with via our discussions with Sony, coupled with the fact that BS allows you to go through and roll your own shooter in the first place...these two factors together would turn into a motive for replay."

-Lots more on the game itself and some Sony big shots (like Ted Price) weigh in on the game. Good stuff.