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Admiral Woofington
m'Souls, m'lady
(05-30-2014, 04:15 AM)
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If this game was a lady you have NO idea what I'd do to her.

I'd take her out for dinner. I'd make her laugh and listen to her attentively. I would be by her side when she needs me and give her space when she doesn't. I would hold her in my arms when we are together. I would love her family and friend as much as her. I would ask her to marry me. I would build my family with her. We would raise them together through thick and thin. We would grow old together. As we sit side by side in the hospital beds, we gaze at each others eye as if to say that we were the best thing to happen to us. As consciousness slowly fades away our eyelids become heavier. As I say goodbye to this world and everything I hold dear I take a look at my lover one last time. What is laying on the bed is not my lover but a killer fucking demon with wings and horns and chainsaws for arms and OH SHIT WHERE'S MY SHOTGUN FUCK I HAVEN'T SPENT MY SOULS FUCK ASS SHIT SHIT.