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Originally Posted by ConfusingJazz

No, there is no evidence of vaccines causing autism. You can't just say "there is no evidence either way". No study has shown any link whatsoever. That means all evidence points to no link.

No study has shown there is a connection.
No study has proven there isn't a connection.

"a connection hasn't been confirmed" is not enough when it's your son or daughter we're talking about.

I can link to a thousand articles stating that research indicates the need for more investigation into vaccination programs without financial ties to industries that profit from vaccination programs.

It's not like we haven't heard of vaccines and medicines being withdrawn because completely useless or even harmful before and for every article you link I can find one stating the opposite, from a source that looks just as legit to me.
But this is going towards conspiracy territory, and I don't want to go there.

While one should trust science, I unfortunately saw my friend's life turn to utter shit that day.
Coincidence, most likely.
Then something similar happened to another guy i know.
Then stumbled upon more than a few similar stories on internet where I perfectly know how easy it is to spread bullcrap and misinformation. Heck Facebook is full of fake articles, utter fabrications being shared as facts by hundreds of thousands of people each day that won't even bother checking the source. But I digress.
Coincidences, but the tiniest doubt is enough to scare people, and this is understandable when it's your kid we're talking about.
When you see what my friend has been through, science will have a hard time un-scaring people.