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(06-05-2008, 04:54 AM)
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Originally Posted by yoopoo

GenesisPlus with Wii SD saving support.

* accurate & full speed Sega Genesis emulation
* Stereo Sound (@48 kHz)
* 1~4 Players support
* automatic SRAM/FreezeState (optional)
* ROM Information Screen
* Zipped roms support (.zip only !)
* Interleaved roms support (.smd, .bin are also supported)
* Load roms from SDCARD or DVD (4.7GB DVD support for Wii users, in GC mode only)
* Load/Save SRAM and FreezeState files from/to Memory Card & SDCARD (compressed)
* Original NTSC & PAL progressive rendering modes (240p/288p) support
* Enhanced Interlaced Mode 2 (double resolution screen) support
* Interlaced (576i/480i) & Progressive (480p) TV mode support
* Wiimote, Nunchuk & Classic Controller support (WII mode only)
* NTSC Genesis (60Hz) & PAL Megadrive (50Hz) timings
* 6-Buttons gamepad
* Sega TeamPlayer & EA 4-Way Play
* J-Cart (autodetected)
* Sega Menacer (autodetected for Menacer 6-in-1 game)
* backup SRAM
* serial EEPROM (used by a few games as backup memory)
* ROM bankswitch (Super Street Fighter 2)
* SRAM switch (Phantasy Star 4, Legend of Thor, Sonic 3 & Knuckles)
* Mappers & copy protection devices used in many unlicensed/pirate cartridges
* SVP dsp (Virtua Racing)
* Game Genie
* full Overscan area (horizontal & vertical colored borders)
* TMSS BIOS (optional)

very exciting, nice stuff, but can't figure out from where i should download it :/