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(06-04-2014, 01:56 AM)
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Peachy (again)

So this was posted in Thread 6:

Peach's Side Smash now only uses a tennis racket

She only uses one hand in all of these. Of course, there is the possibility that the tennis racket now has a unique animation. I just think it is more likely that she only uses a tennis racket now.

In Brawl and Melee, she would use both hands for everything (tennis racket, golf club, frying pan).

You can also see Peach's dress split at the front during the animation of the attack cause clothing physics.

Mario Tennis > Mario Golf

The following was found by ffdgh:

Peach's dash change

It seems like she loses momentum from the initial dash in the slowed down version, but she actually doesn't. The animation seems to be similar to her speed-walking animation where she starts skipping.

Peach has a real double jump again!

In Brawl, her double jump was more like a short hop, maybe even worse than that. This is a straightforward and welcome change.