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(06-18-2008, 04:13 PM)
duckroll translated the Nomura interview (thanks!):

- DK is a private show so for the general public that wants to see and play the games, please wait for TGS in October.

- It will use the same format as previous S-E events, with closed theatre as well as playable booths outside.

- BBS will be playable for the first time at the event.

- Dispite the news that S-E was going to scale back from Mobile development, it appears that KH Coded, 3rd Birthday and Agito XIII will still be going ahead.

- Agito XIII seems to be facing serious development issues at the moment. There is a huge worldview and historical timeline, etc.

- The director of AgitoXIII is doing the outline of the entire story synopsis himself now, development is still in early stages.

- Versus is on hold until FFXIII is done, because the entire Versus team is helping finish FFXIII at the moment. It is number one priority.

- While the planners and programmers are all working on FFXIII, the Versus project is getting the designers to work on a lot of image illustrations and conceptual visuals. The story for Versus is also pretty much complete.

- KH DS is being tuned and balanced, but it is not quite as polished as Dissidia yet. They'll be taking feedback from the playable.

- KH PSP is not anywhere close to a final build, but he wanted to let people get a chance to try it out first.

- Advent Children Complete might finally be close to getting a release date. Lolz.