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(06-25-2014, 12:00 PM)
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Originally Posted by excaliburps

Oh, and I asked this earlier but got buried, anyone tried Remote Play with Destiny? How are the controls? I'm gettin a Vita soon and salivating at the thought of playing it while on the bed. :D

I played for a couple of hours and I have to say it looks absolutely stunning on the Vita. Probably one of the best looking remote play games I've played on it.

Controls we're a bit hit and miss. The touch screen wasn't too bad TBH which surprised me. Right part of the screen is R1 and left part is your L1. Then press both sides for your super). It's great that they've not used the rear touch pad at all and it's just plain shit for FPS.

The weird thing for me was having down on the d-pad to run. It was just a but too clumsy. Also e-motes we're hard to do having to press a direction on the d-pad then a button at the same time.

Overall though it works very well for single player, I probably wouldn't play too much PvP on it though. I'm still just praying for the day they release an official L2-R2 adapter for the Vita.