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(07-30-2014, 09:58 PM)
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CBS Interactive gaming site makes significant staff cuts

Consumer gaming site GameSpot has undergone a significant round of layoffs, has learned.

The full extent of the cuts is not clear yet, but they extended beyond the editorial team. Representatives with GameSpot and parent company CBS had not returned requests for comment as of this writing.

[UPDATE]: A GameSpot representative acknowledged the cuts, saying, "GameSpot did some shifting of internal resources as part of our long-term content and user engagement strategy. A few positions were impacted."

Jason Schreier just posted on twitter that GameSpot laid off a bunch of people.

Confirmed to have been laid off:
Carolyn Petit

Tom Mc Shea

Justin Calvert
Maxwell McGee
Ryan Mac Donald
Benito Gonzalez

Confirmed to stay on:
Jess McDonell
Danny O'Dwyer
Justin Haywald
Chris Watters
Shaun Mcinnis
Kevin VanOrd