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Anyone seen this? Cant translate well.

Here's a rough translation of one of the juicy insider quotes. Disclaimer: it's been ages since I took Japanese.

Among management, there's a shared recognition that "Iwata is the culprit". That is, in the company, there is a strong desire to make popular games such as "Super Mario" etc. for smartphones, but Iwata is vetoing this very strongly. Iwata, continually repeating that "Nintendo's strength is in unified development of game hardware and software", stubbornly rejects the "net", and fixates over "game consoles", possibly because of his pride as a former developer. With the death last fall of the long-reigning company founder Hiroshi Yamauchi, there is nobody left who can defy Iwata. There are frequent rumors that part of the management is scheming to get rid of Iwata.

There's another insider quote later which claims that there's cultural friction due to Iwata's coming from outside the company. It says that Iwata continues to take part in software development even after becoming president and looks down on Nintendo "natives" as being, not sure how exactly to translate this, not dedicated enough? (口ばかりで体を張っていない。) Meanwhile, said "natives" feel that Iwata ignores their opinions.