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(08-14-2008, 02:02 AM)
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Well, speaking of impressions...I found these impressions from Dengeki online while seaching for reports from the July 5 meeting, in which the game was in playable form. Anyway, for those interested, here is what I could get out of this :

- basically, nunchuk : joystick, wiimote : throttle. Unlike most Wii games, the standard, recommended configuration here is : Wiimote on the left hand, nunchuk on the right. [though it's probably possible to invert anyway]. The correct position for the nunchuk is to hold it vertically, then to tilt it to move the plane. Same for the wiimote, except you tilt it forward and backward to accelerate and decelerate. The triggers on the nunchuk are used to action the weapons.
- about the Tactical Maneuver Command (TMC) ; to use this command, you have to fill up TMC gauges (you can accumulate up to 13 levels of gauge) then press the A button to execute an acrobatic maneuver which will automatically put you right behind a targetted enemy airplane. It will then be up to you to manage to shoot this enemy down with your machine guns [it's unclear as to how exactly you fill up this gauge, but I assume that it's by shooting down targets and completing objectives...]. They however mention that, as the difficulty ramps up, the second half of the game will see the apparition of enemy airplanes which evade easily from the TMC, so it's not an infaillible system either.[I wonder...does the effiency of the command depend on the the gauge level ?...]
- Objectives also include ground target bombing and fights-less reconnaissance missions.
- Obviously no missiles. However, they feel like the TMC basically serves as a substitute for this.
- They think the game looks "absolutely beautiful".
- Nunchuk controls are apparently really responsive, but can get some time to get used to, essentially because the lack of references in space and feedback forces you to "grasp" the effectiveness of the nunchuk movements by yourself. Apparently feels really good and fresh once you "get it". They say you can really feel like you are controlling one of these motorized airplane and not a modern jet propelled airplane. The writer mentions that just as described in the original work, the Sanka Mk-2, which he was able to play, featured a very particular lightness and maniability ("Revolving as lightly as a paper airplane."). Though you can however still very much feel the mass of the aircraft and its resistance against the wind as you pull the "joystick". They also state that the game feels overall even more "fictional" than, say, Ace Combat, as they mention that the dogfights pretty much feel like they are out of an anime/manga.

And that's pretty much it. Looks like they enjoyed what they played, including the controls. Now for some gameplay footage...