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i hate bees
(08-22-2008, 12:48 AM)
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Not happened to me directly, but I was there when it happened.

A group of us sitting in my friends living room playing Xbox (Halo, nothing scary) and everyone's having a old good time, there's a couple of lamps on but for the most part the room is dark save for the screen glare, he lives alone too so there's no one about in the house, but he likes to keep the door closed to stop peoples cigarrets stinking out the rest of the place.

All of a sudden the door bursts open, there's no wind but you could feel a sudden burst of atmosphere, one of the guys starts screaming and falls off the sofa, he then scrambles to his feet and presses himself up against the wall furthest away from the door uttering "no... no...", he was shaking quite badly and there were tears running down his face, we were mostly still laughing thinking he was reacting to the game but it became quickly apparent something was seriously up - it took about 20 minutes to calm him down after that, when we got him talkative he says that a headless, limbless female torso was at the door when it opened and in his words "came towards me, it wanted to kill me", I'm not sure how much damage a limbless torso could do but he seemed pretty shaken by it. He's never had anything like that before or since, and nothing else has happened in the house, but he doesn't like speaking about it.