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(09-01-2008, 12:42 AM)
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I just got back from PAX and its been a hailstorm of emotions. Ups, downs, explosions, bombshells, oh there is a story to tell. Being an average GAFFer, pseudo-connected in the games industry, and not really expecting much but a myriad of previews- I was pleasantly surprised at the experience.

First off, the PAX meetup with GAFFers. Originally it was supposed to be 10-15 guys, but we ended up with four people. The stigma that GAFFers embody fanboys, reticent assholes, and overly cynical elitists was clearly not the case. Most of us worked in some form in the games industry (places you wish you worked at). Great conversations about console wars / warriors, this Fall, our personal lives, the fragility of the games industry, casual vs. hardcore, Gears 2 / Resistance 2 - it was an intimate look into some clever opinions. It was great meeting you guys.

Here's where GAF will cry bloody murder. Since I was the organizer, I originally planned a GAFcast as a surprise. I invited some of the 1up editors, Intihar, and some other 'surprises', but I ended standing Fragile Eagle up, who later yelled at me, "Where the hell were you, I was there at the Sony booth till 7."

(BTW- Insomniac, he is seriously one of the most genuine PR guys I've ever met. He is truly a class act.)

Secondly, while the majority of people at the event just play the previews, I like to take time out and actually talk to the developers and get insight into gaming production. I found out some amazing bomb shells, most of which I have my mouth zipped on, but here are two things that won't get me in trouble I hope.

1. LBP will have official Disney DLC.
2. Infamous is targeted for May 2009.

Finally, major props to the editors at 1up, and Bombcast. The Gameworks after party was pretty rad. The guys did a great job of showing that they were gamers, just like you or I, and had a great time treating readers / listeners like peers and colleagues. I talked to Shane in particular, for God knows how long, oh I know he's reading this and knows who I am. It was like a conversation out of an episode of the 1up Show.

Anyway. I'm tired as fuck. I'm sure most people are. I know the hangovers are in full force this morning. If anyone has questions about impressions, just ask.