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(08-22-2014, 01:28 PM)
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This was already posted in the other thread, but looks like it went totally unnoticed, so here goes...

First update for Hyrule Warriors is almost complete, and they are currently testing it. But it won't just be about bug fixes (hi there, Zeldarunia), as it'll also include a brand new game mode. They don't tell us what this game mode is about though, but it doesn't look like something major.

Here's the tweet:

確認出来ている不具合にほぼ対処し、ちょっとした新モードも追加したアップデート、開発対応は完了。現在、配信に向けたチェック中です。皆さんになるべく早くお 届け出来るように進めています!もう少しお待ち下さいね!

Thanks tonyh24613 for the heads up!