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A poster on 4chan claiming to be 1 of 20 employee's at the Konami California branch that has been fired and is now answering questions about the game. He claims to be an MGS fan and therefore will not spoil the ending. However, details about the Ground Zeroes ending, release date announcement, and boss battles have been told.

Release info: Leaker claims that the release date will be the end of this year (hard to believe). The game is 80% finished and AI had a lot to due with the game being delayed. The release date will be announced at TGS 2014.

Quick summary - Main story spoilers are SPOILER TAGGED. Minor/gameplay bits are not:
  • Vehicle boss battles return - are minor and easier than in Peace Walker
  • Chico is NOT Quiet
  • Punished Snake and Venom Snake are Big Boss. Gray Fox is NOT Big Boss
  • Main boss battles (as in HUMAN bosses) can feel disappointing - you can exit the battlefield or be extracted via heli
  • New character: Ham. Weapons expert. Black dude, fat. Leaker says most of his dialog is dumb considering the weapons in the game are all fictional. He's a codec contact
  • Companions - Certain missions allow for you to choose a companion and Ocelot can be one. Leaker claims Ocelot is awesome and steals the show
  • Big Boss becomes a demon (figuratively...) when he hijacks a missile and destroys a village in Africa that has civilians there, just to get his target - Not sure on the details, didn't read the whole spoiler in the source.
  • Skull Face was rescued by Big Boss and The Boss in the past. Ishmael isn't real.
  • Mother Base paints can be found throughout the game world
  • The hospital scene is a total ruse. Camera angles we've seen so far are meant to confuse us. It apparently details the Big Boss and The Boss rescue of Skull Face. I'm confused by this if true, but it goes in line with what we have seen so far to be meant to confuse us! - This shit seems off.
  • The GZ ending crash wasn't a crash at all. They landed on a nearby island and got surrounded by Skull Face and XOF soldiers. Skull Face slits Chico's throat in front of Big Boss.
  • Quiet is a former Soviet soldier, is raped by the Soviets, rescued by Boss, and later raped in Mother Base. Big Boss kills the offending soldier.
  • Code Talker is The Boss' father. The bit about her father dying that The Boss mentions in MGS3 will be explained

I have not read every single spoiler in this. I don't want to be totally spoiled.


Take it all with a grain of salt.

Chico is Quiet me if old.

EDIT: This is likely fake, as his Konami keychain in his 'proof' pic is Chinese made and can be purchased on Amazon.