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(09-09-2008, 10:51 PM)
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You shouldn't have linked CNET, since their entire writeup is just quoting Kotaku.

CNET shouldn't have quoted Kotaku, since THEIR entire writeup is just quoting Go Nintendo.

Kotaku probably shouldn't have covered the story, since Go Nintendo's entire writeup is a translation--who knows if it's the correct one or not--from a Latin American magazine.

... and that's assuming that the Latin American magazine didn't fuck up the initial interview transcription or just invent this whole cloth.

Originally Posted by JoshuaJSlone

The better than a hard drive that's getting people riled up wasn't in the last version of this story I read. Of course, coming from a Spanish mag there are translation issues.

Of course, you're linking Videogaming247, who attributes the story to Nintendoeverything, who links to Go Nintendo, who did the translation from the magazine.

So now we have two separate stories, both coming from the same source redirected a half-dozen times... greaaaat.