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(09-19-2008, 05:45 PM)
This bit of news was posted on Kotaku's website a few minutes ago,

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Desz over on Cheap Ass Gamer recently posted a blurry snapshot of what appears to be an internal Microsoft memo dealing with an Xbox 360 name change.

The memo, seen above, appears to suggest that this particular, model I suppose, of the Xbox 360 was once codenamed Xbox Xbox Lean or Xbox Granite and that the final name should be Xbox Pure.

I'm also intrigued by the comment that "metal plates" have been disregarded. Judging by the codenames and final name, it seems to suggest that this would be a stripped down version of the Xbox 360. Could this be Microsoft's answer to Sony's slim line of consoles? Are we soon going to be seeing a new, thin 360 with only disc-based game support and no harddrive? I'm sure, if this rumor is true, we will be finding out in the next month.

XBOX's New Name? [Cheap Ass Gamer]

UPDATE: It appears that this rumor story could be CAG throwing their credibility out the window as part of a contest. Kotaku''s decision to run rumors is always based on the credibility of the site and the information contained within it. In the past CAG has proven to be a reliable site, having broken a number of stories through apt reporting. It appears that may no longer be the case.

Basically, CheapyD challenged his users to get a made-up rumor they created and posted on the CAG forums linked to a major blog. The main point of the challenge was to show the silliness of the major blogs relying on a single unknown forum poster for their news.

Brian states that this move by CAG has damaged its credibility, but I think it just highlights how uncredible a place like Kataku is (hiding behind the term rumor to often). CheapyD did not post the rumor, it was a user from the forum.

I find this thing incredibly funny, for a number of reasons (mainly because Brian is taking it very seriously in the comments on his site).