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I've only highlighted the points which are unique to the Famitsu interview in terms of new information. I've skimmed over stuff which was repeated in the Kotaku and Game Informer interviews in the other thread.

Tabata on taking over Nomura as director:

- He joined the project in July 2012, Wada personally asked him and the Type-0 team to help out on the Versus XIII project. They also decided at that point to change platforms and rename the game to FFXV, changing the direction of the project.

- About half a year after he joined the project, the tech demo they were working on for FFXV got the greenlight (sounds like a vertical slice), and the project moved full steam ahead.

- He didn't take over the project as director suddenly, since he has been working on this project for a while now. He has had many discussion with Nomura and the development team about the characters and world setting, the meaning of a numbered FF, the best way to make a good game with satisfying content, etc.

- He feels that there is no downside at all to the change in director for the development of the game. He understands fans who have been waiting for a long time might be uneasy, so they had a playable stage demo at TGS along with the trailer, and furthermore if people are still doubtful, there's a playable demo coming next year.

- Tabata's personal vision for the game is the design incorporating the themes of "friendship" and "the journey" into every aspect of it. The story scenes and the battles will all show Noctis and his friendship with the party.

Tabata on the battle system:

- The battle system will feature very flashy moves and abilities, and feel like an action packed flow of moves. There will be warping and magic attacks, and there will be combination attacks with party members which are generated automatically based on context.

- He also mentions that because this is a RPG, you can also play more strategically, and that during combat you can pause the game into a menu and adjust party behavior, change weapons, etc.

- The weapon system in the game is treated like a deck. You set weapons on the deck in the menu, and during combat the most appropriate weapon in the deck will be used based on the situation.

- The evasion in the game is executed by "defensive movement" which is a stance the player goes into when holding down the defense button. This allows the player to move around defensively avoiding attacks.

Tabata on the Day/Night cycle:

- There is a day/night cycle in the game, and at night more aggressive monsters will show up. In day time the monsters will be passive and won't attack the player automatically.

- They might change it in future, but currently one day in the game time is about 30 minutes of play. You can fight the Adamantoise seen in the trailer, but Tabata jokes that it might take 30 in-game days to beat it. Sounds to me like it's an optional enemy which probably has a gimmick to beating it normally, like in FFXIII. Who knows.

Tabata on Share and Remote Play:

- The demo will support Share features, but they're not sure if Remote Play will be in. For the actual game both features will be supported.