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(10-11-2014, 12:33 AM)
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Petition: Can we add Samurai Flamenco to The List yet?

It really doesn't need to be debated, right? This is going to be a unanimous decision, I'm sure, but I figured we might as well try to make this official, guys. It's time we talk about the clear candidate for The List: Samurai Flamenco. Allow me to just reminisce with you all for a few minutes about how this show was before really getting into it, okay?

Once upon a time this show was on, and for like, the first six episodes it seemed like it was little more than Kick Ass with Pretty Boys. The show felt a bit like it was a Boy's Love to me, and I kinda set it aside for a very brief period of time. Around the seventh episode it seemed that the central plot, Masayoshi's quest to become a Super Hero, had petered out with revelations about his crap granddad and we were going to move into a full on (b)romance.

Then magical things happened. The show blew upward and outward in a big way. Suddenly we were powerrangers and we were the Avengers and we were fighting fetishes and soap bars and then Alien Invasions and then we were Metal Gear Flamengeance and then things whipped back into some crazy psychological stuff before a pants dropping finale. It was a wild ride, and I don't know anybody who doesn't have a blackened heart who didn't enjoy this show by the end because of how absolutely insane it was.

So let's talk about why Samurai Flamenco belongs on The List. Keeping in mind that The List is not a measure of quality, but rather of that je ne sais quoi that makes something that is obviously insane remain entertaining.

Fanta is reason enough.

1. Samurai Flamenco has been well-watched. By this I mean that a significant number of people here in the community watched it. That means we should be able to actually talk about it. Admittedly a number of things on The List are really obscure, but agreement upon entrance to a community list requires input from the community.

2. Samurai Flamenco is batshit insane. I mean, come on guys. We're talking Guillotine apes, VIVA TORTURE, FROM BEYOND, FLAMENGERS, APPROVAL RATING POWERED SUPER ARMOR, BECOMING GOD, VICTORY THROUGH NAKED MARRIAGE PROPOSALS. The show was undeniably insane.

3. Samurai Flamenco is enjoyable. Now, obviously enjoyment is subjective, but even entries already on The List are that way. The best I can really advance here is that the show has a neck-break pace of constant escalation of insanity that is as manic as it is relentless. If you're looking for a series of one ups of absurdity, then I think SamFlam has that for you in spades.

Can I just count this robot as a reason?

4. Samurai Flamenco is, uh, written. I want to say "well written" but I worry some of you out there will mistake what I mean. It's not any sort of life changing, emotionally charged work that will make you rethink your life, but the cast undergoes some significant development over the show's run, and that development is a series of, well, reasonable responses to the fantastical situations through with they pass. For as absurd as Samurai Flamenco is, the more human and dramatic elements the show contains serve as a strange sort of grounding which keep it from being the kind of annoying "HAR HAR HAR SO CRAZY" gags that plagued certain children's comedy shows back in the mid 00s.

But seriously, guys, its Samurai Flamenco. We all know it belongs on The List more than anything else we've watched in the last year.