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Originally Posted by Z3M0G

Going gold doesn't mean much these days. Driveclub went gold once...

Edit: LOL just saw the thread about the day1 20GB patch:

"Gold" all right...

Edit: Ah, nevermind, I just see they are releasing what they couldn't fit on the disk this way. I think they should have went with 2 disks. Unless it is purely online content that they are releasing in the patch... so if you don't plan to play online, you don't need to download it anyways. Though if you need bug fixes for campaign, you'd be stuck with downloading 20GB I imagine.

That's not a patch. It's content. The game is designed to run as a single, unified product, digital is seamless obviously, but we also wanted disc users to have the same experience, without swapping discs. Since the bulk of it is MP or MP related, the logic is sound. There will ALSO be a TU in there, but that in itself is a tiny fraction of the content.

We realize that this isn't ideal for everyone, but it's the path to the smoothest eventual experience.

Mind if I ask you what your specific problem situation is? Disc? Bandwidth cap? Slow speed? Just curious and would like to provide deeper guidance.

If fixes were required for Campaign, they would be very small, but that's not the case. All four campaigns will run directly from the disc without the content update. As will some custom game features. Again, the bulk of the CU is MP and MP related.