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Originally Posted by Stormwatch

Any input from nicholasbrutal? I really don't want to spend $90 on a digital game, but if that is the best way to get everything then maybe it'll be a first for me.

So I actually don't know off the top of my head what the pack and song pricing is going to be, but it's my understanding that the Deluxe Edition WILL be the cheapest way to get all of the content. Additionally, it'll all be available for download at launch, whereas if you buy it piece by piece, you'll have to wait for their scheduled release.

FWIW, we're talking about leaked content here that hasn't officially been confirmed (the DLC and packs), so I shouldn't be saying anything at all, but... yeah. :D

The pre-order songs for retail copies of the game will also be available as DLC in the future, but it could be some time before they're release. Hope that helps!