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More Raining, More Pouring...
Snowballing like crazy.

So I figure I'm at liberty to talk about how my company is doing, because it's really not confidential, and it's part of my industry experience. I feel I'm obligated to share my stories with others interested in getting into this field, so here goes:

When I came back from The Orphanage, I find out no one at Factor 5 had been paid in a month.... and we weren't going to any time soon. It was incredibly lucky that I got the Orphan gig when I did, or else I would have been in deeper shit than I am right now. Anyway, regardless of the financial issues of the company (which I won't elaborate on), we all stayed and continued to work. If we left, there would have been no hope in F5 staying afloat. We had faith in the projects and the company, so there was no reason to bail just yet. At this time it didn't seem like much more than bad timing and bad luck.

Then we lost health care. Ok, who needs it? If we're going to eventually be paid, some sacrifices would be worth it. I had my own on the side, so I wasn't sweating it. Then things turned bad...

Without proper funding on the project I was working on, the company was forced to stop production. Unfortunately I was finally having a ton of fun working on it and we had made such insane progress that this was a total kick to the chest. It was basically like saying "the work you've been doing for the last 8 months has been all for none, but thanks anyway." After that news, moral was definitely not the greatest. We figured it wasn't a problem, however, because there were other projects that needed us, and we still had work to do. So then...

The president of the company basically told us that if we didn't receive funding in 1 week, all of us should move on and look elsewhere for another job. I had no idea how bad this economy was getting until something like this affected me personally, and yea, it sucks. I have 1 more week left at Factor 5. Financially it won't be the end of the world for me, but I really need to work on my reel and find a new gig fast. I wish the best for all my coworkers. They've been great fun to work with, and this last year has certainly been an amazing experience that I will always remember. I've learned a ton, gotten way faster and organized, and I feel like I've grown as an artist/professional because of the people I've met and the challenging yet sometimes stressful situations I've been a part of.

Til next time!
- Sam