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(11-21-2014, 08:12 PM)
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Thought I'd show some PS4 captures using the inbuilt Share facility, the quality isn't up to what you'd get from a card but it's easily good enough for here.

MAIN MENU (Although the "Aviva" Premiership is clearly sponsored notice lack of sponsors from the other leagues. Non-official versions of the 6 Nations Championship, The Rugby Championship & The European Cup are included.)

SETTINGS (This is the entirety of the options screen. You get a total of two camera options.)



CUSTOM CUP (These are the options for setting up your own competition)

SOUTHERN 15 (These are the "Southern 15" teams which are clearly not licensed but I suppose they may be in other regions as it's released later elsewhere.)

These are the international teams which are also not licensed. You can edit things like player names but it has to be done manually and will take some time if you do that.

For example, this is the starting 15 for The Blackness. Being Welsh I would absolutely love for us to be facing the likes of Kenton Esch, Denis Tristan and their mates tomorrow afternoon but as a serious rugby fan I'd much rather be playing against the real team here.

A common question with sports games is how good the player likenesses are. In Rugby 15 the only player likenesses you have are what you see in the two view options I've shown here so you're not really going to be able to tell if they look like them or not. The same with stadiums. Is there only one stadium in the game? No fucking idea but as you can see in the screens all you don't actually see any stadiums.

I haven't mentioned the gameplay because what I've shown here should tell you exactly how it plays. It's exactly what I was expecting and it's exactly what I always expect from these games, I know I'll keep playing it though despite it's flaws.