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(12-02-2014, 07:58 AM)
Afrocious's Avatar least, I'm having a difficult time seeing that attack Rodin does in both games as not rape considering the two are fighting and Bayonetta's kinda laying there with her back turned to the camera, which is probably the most vulnerable I've ever seen the character in either game.

I did a basic search for "bayonetta rape' but no threads, so I went and made this one. Gotta say I feel uncomfortable and kinda disgusted that two games I enjoyed to death have such content in it all tucked away in a secret boss fight.

Here's the video of it from the first game:

Here's a gif of it in the second game. I'd rather not embed it due to content:

I feel conflicted about this, and I'm disappointed ultimately. I don't see how either of these were seen as good ideas to have in the games.

Here's a gif of the same attack from bayonetta 2 except with a costume on. She's not naked in this one:

Tweets from Kamiya in response:

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