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make it rain, motherfucker
(01-04-2009, 12:15 AM)
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Originally Posted by Tobor


I bet the OP is also one of those guys who bitches that a small bottle of soda at the convenience store costs the same as a whole 2 liter at the supermarket.

:lol I fucking love this site.

GAF Poster: I don't like my Christmas gifts, they suck.

GAF: You're an asshole! My father throws bricks at me for Christmas! So many people like us don't have the money to give anything!

GAF Poster: Wow, this service charge is way out of whack for what I'm actually getting.

GAF: You're a cheap motherfucker! You should throw money around! I ate a $10 bill this morning just because I could! Pizza guy shows up? Make it rain, motherfucker!