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(01-08-2009, 07:41 PM)
Which is how sony had ps1 BC inside the ps2.

I'll preface with the fact that my sony rep is a huge tool. I'm surprised to not find him on a sinking political campaign saying everything is great and that there are no issues.

The conversation arose yesterday when we were discussing some backward compatibility issues after he mentioned that the 160gb Uncharted bundled was limited and would start to fade out soon. He mentioned that since the ps2 has just 1 year left on its life cycle not to expect them to develop anything new with regards to backward comp. He then leans in and lowers his voice, as if to tell me some deep dark secret and mentions that sony may be willing to potentially buy a ps2 emulator to put in future consoles.

I pointed out that I thought there already was a ps2 emulator and he shrugged it off saying that he was just spreading the idea out there.

I don't know its kind of interesting seeing as how they already have done something similar in regards to the ps1 bc in the ps2. I think it odd he sort of forwarded it willingly, i don't know if this means that sony has told their reps to maybe quitely spread something like this and my rep just believes that he has been entrusted with a national secret. I thought this interesting and wanted to share.


Quick edit since this is getting picked up (slow news)

- It is a sales rep, not a PR rep. My bad on not differentiating.
- No one else has said their rep. has mentioned something similar.